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Every couple goes through a series of stages whether or not they realize it. It is the relationship cycle of life. Your relationship is no different as long as it is still alive. (Once it is dead, that's another matter).  As you read the stages, ask where you find yourself and your loved one:

Beginning Phase

Falling in Love Phase

Commitment Phase

Disillusionment Phase

Discord Phase

Power Struggle Phase

Reconciliation or Break up Phase

When working with couples, we use a variety of initial skills building techniques to move the relationship towards a new and more positive focus. By skills building, we mean tools such as the Five Love Languages put in action daily and some initial and immediate communication strategies.  Once couples are seeing some positive exchanges, we then start to dig into the areas of "stuckness" in the relationship. The theories we use are congruent with the goals of the couple. Examples of theories include the Imago and Gottman .  No matter what theory we decide is the best fit for you, we will journey together!

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