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We realize life can be messy, at times, and very difficult. If you find yourself in a space where

you cant seem to overcome, despite all of your valiant efforts, then individual

psychotherapy could be right for you. It is an opportunity for a trained helper to come alongside

you and "do life" with you for a while. Someone who cares and has the skills to be able

help.  Someone to understand what your going through. Someone to support YOU!

Many people have a mistaken impression of individual therapy and they believe it's not for them. (Stereotypes)!  Other people have a hard time asking for help or allowing someone to help.  However, at times, no matter how hard we try or how much we hope to overcome certain problems, they continue to plague us.  If you find yourself in a position of feeling stuck, despite your own valiant efforts, or efforts of others, then perhaps individual therapy will help.

As fellow strugglers and clinician, we know being stuck is and we'd like to help you get unstuck. We look forward to coming alongside you and journeying with you for a while.

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