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Our Approach

Our approach to counseling is eclectic based on the problems and goals presented by each individual. For persons hoping to change behaviors or thought patterns, CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral

Therapy) is usually a good fit.  Those desiring to dig deeper into the Why of what they do and a firmer

understanding of themselves find Pscyhodynamic treatment very satisfying. Then, there are persons presenting with a specific life transition challenge who find Developmental Psychology Useful.

For couples and families, the theories while more complex and system based, rely heavily on a more

relational version of the above modalities. If the presenting problem is one of current behavioral or

relational concerns, we work on improving them (communication, coping skills, etc). If it is historical in nature, for example, unresolved childhood wounds or former hurts, we would dig deeper.

Finally, with all thee above approaches in mind, there are many specific treatments for struggles of a specific concern (grief, anxiety, trauma, etc) which are often alleviated through creating your very own toolbox of resources and skills with my assistance.

Just know you are not alone. GOD is always with you no matter how hard the road becomes or how dark.

And we are here too.  Only a phone call away.  So, call today and start your journey to a healthier you!

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