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Boundaries for Breakthrough: Live as God Designed- 8 Essential Tools for Emotional Well-being

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I can hardly believe it's almost here. FINALLY! My book, Boundaries for Breakthrough, arrives Cyber Monday and I couldn't be more thrilled. Just in time for the holiday craziness and in the midst of the middle of a pandemic mess.

When I began writing this book, I had no idea a pandemic of epic proportions was coming to challenge each and every one of us on a whole new level. But, God did. I had no idea the numbers of people reaching out for counseling and coaching would grow exponentially and rapidly. but God did. And, I had no idea so many people would lose their lives, their business, their health and succumb to addictions and emotional health struggles. But again, God did.

And so it is with great pleasure I announce to you Boundaries for Breakthrough. A book seeking to help, each and every one of you, get the wholeness you desire and deserve. Isn't it about time you broke through all the chains that bind you? Grab your copy here and start your journey to BREAKTHROUGH today:

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