B-O-U-N-D-A-R-I-E-S Are a Girl's Best Friend

10 years ago, this was me.

And this is me now.....

How did I get from there to here/ BOUNDARIES.

And I can't wait to share all the deets with you in my newest, upcoming book -

BOUNDARIES for EVERY BELIEVER: Living Life as God Designed -

(8 Essential Keys to Emotional Well-Being)

Because this emotional tool kit propelled me from survive to thrive.

I can't wait to share each of them with you.

10 years ago, I was:

- In a life-threatening car accident that left me in shock trauma for weeks not knowing if I would survive.

- Stuck in a number of hurtful relationships with some family and “so-called” friends as well as colleagues at work.

- Working myself to the bone for other people and leaving no room to “do me”.

- Giving way more time, attention, care, and concern than other people were to some of my relationships and work commitments.

- Tolerating unacceptable behaviors, unknowingly, by remaining stuck in a pattern of all talk and no action with certain players in my life.

- Staying in relationships I should have left a long time ago.

- Trusting untrustworthy people.

- Not heeding some red flags.

- Letting I’m sorry be enough when actions didn’t match these words.

- Excusing other people’s shortcomings, yet, being very hard on myself.

- Confusing forgiveness with reconciliation and reconciliation with amends.

- Not prioritizing my relationship with myself as much as I should have been.

- Trying to set limits but doing so ineffectively.

- Finding myself self-medicating at times.

Fast forward to now and I:

- Am in relationships that are happy, healthy, and trustworthy including the one I have with myself.

- Run a coaching program serving other women who want to go from being stuck in toxic situations and BREAKTHROUGH to healthier relationships.

- Am a published author in a number of local, regional, and national magazines including Business Insider and The Daily at Downtown Hope where I am a regular contributor.

- Wrote a book on Boundaries, my missing link, coming out this fall that I am super psyched about.

- Lead a thriving therapy practice with 10 staff including me.

- Love my life where, yes, I work hard but play hard too -enjoying lots of travel, fun, and time with key family and friends.

- Wake up excited every day - honestly - full of joy and hope and, most of all, love.

How did I do it?


Despite my higher education and life experiences, I still had weak boundaries.

Head knowledge wasn’t enough.

Heart knowledge wasn’t cutting it either.

I needed to dig deep and figure out what wasn’t working and be willing to do whatever was necessary to BREAKTHROUGH or I could continue on the path I was on for the rest of my life selling myself and my dreams short.


So, I got to work learning EVERYTHING I could about boundaries.

I put what I learned into practice until what I was doing worked.

I scoured what God’s word had to say about each and every struggle and made sure what I was doing was in line with what He said.