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The Four Seasons

I just love how the four seasons in nature mimic our very lives. The youthful vibrancy of spring, the hard and unrelentless heat of summer, the maturity of fall, and the cold of the dead of winter. They truly do mimic the joy and adversities of being alive in this beautiful world.

Just think about it for a moment...

We see the spring in the colorful steps of little children who are excited about every little thing and our growing by leaps and bounds every day! They, just as the new budding flowers, are filled with promise.

Then we witness the rough summer heat of our lives under pressure as we are become young adults as we travail through all the challenges growing up brings. We, like the world around us, due to the pressure of the heat are thirsty for something more.

Afterwards, we see in ourselves, the autumn colors of the beauty of our lives as they mature and we do just as the tall, climbing trees so proudly display their vast array of leaves.

Then, finally, just as the cold of winter. our very lives and the lives of our loved ones demonstrate the barrenness of the trees - as they come to a close - difficult, dark, and unrelenting, colorless.

Yet, no matte where we are in our journey, or how many seasons we are gifted to see and live, just as the four seasons repeat, so does the circle of life. And what a beatiful circle it is.

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