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Homicide Hits Home

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Literally, just days after the tragedies of multiple, well-known celebrities take their own lives, five more lives are cut short by homicide.

At around 3pm yesterday, wa were told our building's on lockdown and "an active shooter's" the next street over.

My mind was reeling. What is going on? Is everyone ok? My daughter works with

me and was visibly shaken. Appointments to reschedule. Family to call. We are the lucky ones. Safe inside our offices, yet, at the Capitol, not so much.

As the day unfolded, we would come to learn five people had been murdered and more injured. Bible study cancelled. Traffic eerily light while helicopters flew overhead in what sounded like a war zone.

Just one day after I sat in the doctor's office, the exact street where I posted about suicide, five more lives were lost, this time to homicide . When will it end? How much violence must we endure? When is enough enough? These and more questions will be asked in the days to come, meanwhile, our city grieves and so do we. #annapolisstrong #prayingforannapolis #weneedyouJesua

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