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Morning Musings

Good morning Lord,

Make me of your choosing today.

To do your will, wherever, I pray.

No matter what, ahead may be, Make me Lord, what thy want of me.

I am wholly, wholly thine,

Just a small branch on thy vine.

Clinging to Jesus, this is true, Make me Lord, make me more like you.

Holy Spirit, river within,

Fill me, fill me, once again.

To do thy bidding, at thy call,

Holy Spirit, lest I fall.

Use me, use me, as you see fit.

The light within, the light you've lit.

To love, to love as you command,

Each and every fellow man.

To be the light, wherever I may,

Find myself in this gift of today.

Make me, make me, Lord make me true,

May I ever live only for you.

Consecrated and wholly thine,

Just a small branch from thy very vine.

Keep me, keep me, bound to thee,

This side of eternity.

Guide me, guide me, Father God,

With every step that I trod.

Wholly, wholly devoted to you,

What thy desire, I will to do.

Give me the strength, see me through.

So every moment may glorify you.

Forgive me Lord when I fall,

Maker of heaven, creator of all.

Make me of your choosing today,

To do your will, wherever, I may.

No matter what's ahead of me,

Make me Lord what thy will of me.


Love you Lord!📷

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