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Never Give Up!

Today's Testimony Hits Really Close To Home......... And its not an easy one. But I'm hoping it gives someone hope so I'm gonna do it anyway. And she deserves the spotlight for a minute anywhoo. She actually rarely gets it. And she has worked really hard. Todays testimonial is about my daughter Megan. Megan was diagnosed with multiple learning and neurological disabilities as a child. And I remember breaking down the 1st go around - My husband saying "It's gonna be okay" over and over again to me. But I knew what I was hearing would forever change our lives. And I didn't want my baby to struggle. I loved her so much. We didn't accept the 1st diagnosis and made sure we got a 2nd and 3rd opinion including Kennedy Krieger and Child Find. All concurred. There has been occupational therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, co-taught classrooms, IEPs, 504-b's, talk of her not ever being able to write (which we didn't listen to), medications, daily routines, what to stick with and much, much more. And there also was us, her parents, being hard on her so we could help her assimilate into this world. And the struggle has been real. It still is. Megan has fallen prey to the wrong of type of people and she has fallen prey to some of the negative lies we believe about ourselves when we are 'differently-abled" Not to mention the social struggles. What it takes each day for her to just show up, focus, and fight the urge to give up or give in. And some days we don't do this struggle well. On those days there are tempers and hurt feelings, the desire to throw in the towel and an inability to fully comprehend what the hell is going on as well as a lack of total honesty as truth can some times feel brutal. But we eventually get there. And most days are a joy. Despite it all, Megan has remained loving and loyal, steadfast and true. Full of optimism amd light and joy and hope and she has an impenetrable, contagious faith in God. So she continues to work towards breakthrough in our program time and time again Also, In her romantic life, her social life, and in her own mindset. She is a daily inspiration to me, to play the hand life gives you, God deals you Not wallowing in pity or despair or taking the route of I don't care. And while it has been painful to watch her struggle, and know its a lifelong battle, it has also been a great joy for me to experience over and over the fierce motherly love for both my girls even - amidst their struggles. Because, while I have written about Kaitlyn and her battles with addiction, I really haven't written til now about Meg. And Meg has been fiercely loyal to me. God did not just give me a 'differently-abled"daughter, he gave me a lifelong friend. Every day has been worth it Megan. Even the times of struggle because every day has you in it. I love you sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars because even the stars aren't high enough or good enough for you my precious daughter.

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