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Purpose For Our Pain

Of all the things I have learned through the years as licensed clinical counselor, one thing has proved true time and time again. Pain takes a turn when there's purpose in it. A turn for the better. Sense from senselessness, hope to go on, and much, much more.

How do I know this to be true? Because it's happening to me now, has happened to more patients than I can count through the years and continues to happen for persons I now coach through the hardest of times. Time and time again, the pain is almost unbearable, excrutiating actually, and preventing them (or back in the day, myself ) from moving forward.

Until, the light at the end of the tunnel appears. Even if it's just a tiny, tiny crack. And the what ifs begin. What if:

My pain matters

It is meant to help someone else.

It is a part of my destiny

It breaks the cycle in my family

And on and on. It is such a huge shift, the room permeates with it. The sense of I am going to survive being palpable. So palpable you can feel it. Almost taste it. The taste of HOPE!

And this turn of events. This facilitation of hope. This turning point, so to speak, is at the heart of our 6 week course on Purpose. Because while pain often hinders, pain with purpose propels farther than you can ever ask or imagine.

So, if you are stuck, hurting, not sure how to move on, wanna find some hope, stay tuned. More to follow soon!

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