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Resting in His Grace

Despite the best of intentions, sometimes things don't work out quite the way we hoped or planned. It's inevitable. We live in a fallen world. So many aspects of life are out of our control.

So why do we give ourselves (or others) such a hard time when things are, well, should I say, less than ideal - awful maybe even?

Why do those intrusive thoughts come and then why are they so hard to dismiss?

These are some of the questions, that, grace answers and when answered, give us rest.

Let's tackle them now.

First, why do we give ourselves a hard time - Perfectionism - which is impossible and highly over-rated. Better done than perfect my mentors say and they are right. Perfection paralyzes, excellence motivates.

Second, why do we give others such a hard time - Expectations - which are imprisoning and unfair. To you for setting yourself up for disappointment and to the other, who is now experiencing pressure to perform, do, or be something other than themselves. Expectations imprison, agreements encourage.

Third, why do intrusive, negative thoughts come and why are they so hard to dismiss. Because spiritual battles are real and the forces that would take us out know we can fall prey to perfectionism and expectations. They want us to. They want us to experience discord, division, disappointment, defeat, discouragement, and any other emotion that would derail our purpose.

So, do tell then, how do we find a way out. GRACE.

Grace gives us what we do not deserve and then we can extend that grace to others.

By resting in grace, we know we are okay and will always be okay no matter what the outcome or circumstances around us or swirling around within us.

Because we have finally learned it is not all about us anyway. It never has been. It has been, is and always will be about Him. The big cheese, the man upstairs, the one who is perfect, will always be perfect, the everlasting God.

Whatever you are looking for in yourself or others that you have yet to find, grace will help you find it in Him.

Be encouraged today. You can rest in grace. So go rest. Go rest in Him! And let me know what you find out! I'd love to hear from you!

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