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Snap, Just Like That

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Snap, just like that, our lives changed.

Poof, in an instant, we weren't the same.

Did we see it coming? Maybe, maybe not,

Worried it may take everything we got.

Things we love & things we fear.

No longer able to be near.

It's okay some people say,

It only hurts old ones anyway.

But wait, it simply isn't true,

Little babies are dying too.

Could it be me, could it be you?

Please tell me what to do.

Snap, in an instant, just like that,

Our whole world changed its habitat.

Shut downs, ordered home, living in fear,

No longer doing what we hold dear.

Everyone mentioning its name,

Co-vid 19 is to blame.

Jobs, health, daily routines,

Quickly discarded like old movie scenes.

Begging us, asking us, what we hold dear?

What makes us safe each day every year?

Its a question worth asking me and you

What foundation are you holding on to?

Mine is Christ, forever more!

My rock and redeemer, my only seashore.

My hope and prayer is the same for you.

Christ Crucified is yours too.

Snap, in an instant, just like that,

The whole world changed its habitat

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