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When Doors Open (or Shut)

My prayer has been of late Lord, shut any door not of your making and fling wide open those that are; however, here is the truth, prayer isn’t enough. When praying any prayer, we must be watchful and mindful of what God may be doing. Especially with a prayer like this. Otherwise, we just might miss Gods responses to our prayers.

If we are praying for open (or closed) doors and a door opens and we think, “I do not want to do that” without prayerfully considering what God might be doing, we miss a golden opportunity to step deeper into our purpose. On the other hand, if a door closes and we try to pry it or even force it open, we end up frustrating ourselves and causing ourselves more harm or grief—again missing the point of what God may be doing.

That is why ongoing prayer or” praying without ceasing” as we are told in the book of Thessalonians is so important. We are to stay in constant communion with God which is simply involving him in our day to decisions just as we would involve our partner or friends. It is keeping him close and considering him in all things. Otherwise, we are just firing up shotgun prayers.

Shotgun prayers, not followed by an ongoing dialogue with God, may lead to shotgun solutions which are quick trigger, instinctual ones but not always God given. On the other hand, seeking Gods face and will when observing our life circumstances leans our heart towards him and gives us a better chance of discerning his direction for our lives. Because our God is a gentle and patient God and his voice is the still, small one beckoning us in the direction of our purpose. He is not one to scream and holler for our attention. He simply shows a way and waits. Yet, he also gives us free will. He is a gentleman.

So, when doors fling wide open or slam unexpectedly shut, if we desire to boldly walk where God is leading or boldly walk away from where he isn’t, we must be in ongoing communion with him. Just like Jesus. He knew his purpose and ministry. He knew he was headed to the cross but he still took time to commune with his father, God. He knew which doors to walk through and which ones to leave behind.

When we do life like Jesus, we too will know the way. We will walk through the doors we are meant to enter and leave the ones we are meant to keep shut. So, my encouragement for all of us today is to seek the one” who is the way, the truth and the life”. After all, is there any better way?

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