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Who's Voice are You Listening To?

There is soooooooo much information out there! There is absolutely no way to keep up. It is virtually impossible. I see people trying though, especially the younger generation. They overwhelm themselves in the process. This thing called FOMO is for R-E-A-L, y'all! It is the Fear Of Missing Out.

When you combine this fear with the many social media platforms out there, it creates a lot of social media posting and surfing per day. If fact, billions of posts and surfs per day.

It also creates a lot of stress, anxiety, and often, many difficult or negative emotions. Feelings like being left out, jealousy, envy, sadness, loneliness and grief to name a few. And we thought social media would help us connect more? NO WAY, y'all. It is social MEDIA, not social SUPPORT or social CONNECT.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying all social media is bad or bad for us. There is a lot of good happening on social media. I am simply saying it takes so much time to try and keep up.

If we aren't careful, it causes us to create what we fear. Then, we actually do miss out. We miss out on the REAL connections right in front of us while we stare at our phones or tablets or computers or whatever. Then, while we are trying to keep up, we really miss out. We miss out on the social connection and support in our very own homes, families, ministries, employers. You all get my point!

The amount of information out there is insane. The temptation to pay attention to every voice, other than the ONE voice, is overwhelming. People are vying for likes and followings and members to their sites. They are seeking to get needs met for reassurance, belonging, connections, inclusion and so much more. I know because I used to make this mistake myself.

Meanwhile, the ONE voice is not clamoring, but whispering, I am here. I love you. Focus on me. I will meet your every need.

Sound to good to be true. Well, then I have a challenge for you today!

I challenge us all to track our social media time for one week. After one week, divide that time by 2.

In week 2, cut social media time in half. Use the rest of the time (50 Percent) to follow Jesus somewhere, anywhere he leads. Put him to the challenge to meet that need your looking for on social media. You won't regret it!

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