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"Where We Care About YOU @ Every Turn"



Whether you need support & a caring presence (with good listening ears, of course), help with a current struggle, or to dig deeper into your life patterns,  individual services are available to you.



We know how difficult and painful relationships can be.... Especially the one with our partner.  So much hope and love is wrapped up in this one relationship. When what we see is anything but love, then what?



Our family is our core and if our core isn't right, it impacts everything else. For this reason, when, not if, our family is struggling, getting extra support makes sense

4.  Consultation

Whether for yourself or your group, consultation is available via several modalities. We offer encouragement and hope via both individual and group appointments as well as speaking engagements both on and off-site.

 Michelle's Approach

I love Carl Rogers.....He believes every human being deserves what is termed "unconditional positive regard".  However, this theory isn't new. Someone far greater than Carl Rogers has been unconditional loving us from the beginning of time and his name is Jesus.

If you wish to know my approach, know Jesus. I seek to follow his way of loving and  "regarding" and I look forward to getting to know you.

About our Founder:
Michelle Hammer, MS, LCPC 

                 FAST FACTS

~Married to Chef Dave (YUMMY)

~Two, Grown Daughters (Megan & Kaitlyn)

~Grandbabies McKinley (AKA Kinnie), Nolan (AKA Noley) and Baby Bri!

~Avid Travel Addict

~Amateur Interior Designer

~Coffee is a Daily Requirement

~So is Jesus (Actually Minute to Minute)

~Fudge Brownies are My Frenemy

-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Named Adeliene AKA Addie

~Diet Coke is My Weakness

~Pretty Woman is My Favorite 


~Love to Dance Anytime

~Sing Like a Frog

~Red is My Favorite Color

~Forever Losing 10 Pounds

~Privileged to Hear Your Story

  & Privileged to Share Mine

~Love to Help Hope Blossom

"Where We Care About You @ Every Turn"

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Turning Leaf Counseling & Consultation, 71 Amos Garrett Boulevard, Suite A,  Annapolis, Maryland, United States

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