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Ode to Our God - A Prayer Poem!

Precious Father,

Triune God, heart of love, we look to you, up above, to overcome in every way, the assault of the enemy every day.

He uses our minds, so we won't believe, the lies he spews us to deceive.

His tools are many, I'll name a few.... doubt, despair, regret, shame, even calling us out of our name.

We can't believe him, so help us see, All the ways he uses, to ruin you and me.

Arise today in the love of Christ. Throw it all off - live in His light. Believe nothing your mind tells you, cuz the devil wants to live there too.

Focus on the trinity alone, living in the love GOD's shown. Shine for others, for all to see, on into eternity.

Forsake all thoughts not of his word. Believe only what from God you've heard! Like a steel trap, guard your mind for you will be with Christ til the end of time!!!

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