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War in America

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

There's a was going on in America. It's extremely ugly. Each side thinks they are the right one. There are no innocent sides. Both sides are making errors in judgment. Both sides have told untruths, yet, people insist their's is the right side. There is NO right side in politics. Politics are just that, political. The goal is to win over the minds of everyday Americans and advance the beliefs of that party. Period.

Meanwhile, the bigger, deeper war rages on. While Democrats and Republicans vie for control of the Supreme Court, this war has many victims. War crimes if you will. Only these war crimes are emotional and psychological. They are many. Too many to count.

You thought the war was political you say? No, not quite. This war involves the treatment or, better yet, the mistreatment of women. At this very moment in time , when women are coming forward, shedding their shame, and saying #metoo, this war rages on. This war uses many tactics such as the argument about whether or not particular women have been assaulted by particular men.

The most recent "did he or didn't he" tactics are the Brett Kavanaugh arguments. But, oh there have been so, so many more.

Meanwhile, the victims of these war crimes are the countless millions of women watching this war and wondering "Could anyone ever believe me? Should I tell my mom? Is it my fault? Was this rape? Is what happened to me assault? Should I share #metoo? Would it make a difference" and many other gut wrenching questions.

So many people are caught up in the "did he or didn't he do it" argument. Each one is missing the mark. The mark is the silence. The silence of all the abused women everywhere. Meanwhile, their newfound power is being taken away from persons who HAVE.

HAVE raped, HAVE assaulted, HAVE lied, HAVE abused, HAVE controlled, HAVE brainwashed, HAVE stalked, HAVE drugged and used, HAVE harassed at work, HAVE threatened to keep silent, HAVE punched, hit, kicked, spit on, etc, etc,

At moments, while we argue did he or didn't he, this war continues. At these very moments we engage in this tactical move, we're restoring power to the HAVES as victims return to their hiding places, not wanting to be disbelieved.

I have no idea what happened or didn't happen with this Kavanaugh guy. Frankly, at this point, I don't even care.

What I do know is some of his current friends and former male classmates at Yale have come forward publicly to speak of his heavy, heavy drinking in college to the point of not remembering. (His Republican friends by the way for those of us caught up in "the Democrats are behind these stories" argument that circulates)

I also know he said he's NEVER been drunk to the point of not remembering and said this under oath.

So for me it's simple. If your not honest in a role that requires honestly, your not the right fit. Sorry.

That's how America works.

I know this to be true. I have friends who work at NSA who've done illegal things who told the truth to NSA during polygraph testing and friends who weren't hired at NSA who did illegal things and lied.

Its how our justice system works to. If there is any reasonable doubt, then your story isn't going to hold water. Its that simple for me.

Since Brett Kavanaugh has been drunk enough that he may not remember his actions and has lied about this under oath, its reasonable doubt enough for me. No matter what happened or didn't happen in college isn't the point. The point is his character NOW and NOW he has lied. If there is nothing to hide, why lie about college drinking? To control what others think, to deny making mistakes when younger, to hide perhaps times you not remembered?

It is a concern.

Meanwhile, with this war on women underpinning all this "he said, she said and did he, didn't he" argument, I for one, am hoping we find a candidate that doesn't have this sort of uncertain background.

Then again, this blog isn't about me and my hopes. It is about the war that wages beneath this and other "political" arguments. It is the real war we don't want to miss.

I am praying for that war. The war against the voices of every women.

I, for one, am praying for America to continue to be a place of truth and safety and freedom for all. Not a place where whichever side gives the most believable lie wins.

Not a place where there is freedom for men and women remain in a space of shame and hiding.

No thank you. I'll sit that one out. And continue to support instead those who support #metoo.

Because I've been one and I know personally what it takes to become #MeNoMore.

And that's what I'm cheering on in America. Women owning their rights to have a #MeNoMore world.

A #MeNoMore world is a place where silence is broken and shame is placed where it belongs. On the abuser and not the abused. Shame on you abusers. Shame on you who lie about abuse!

I am praying for you too. That you can handle the truth when it does come. #MeNoMore- Lets stand tall and proud and remember, we fought such a long battle to overcome this war and the battle continues. The battle to speak up and stand tall! You have survived so much. Now, its your time to thrive!

If you too have been a #metoo victim and need our help, counselors are available. Just give us a call and we will talk with you on your road to #MeNoMore.

It won't be an easy road, yet, we will be with you every step of the way. Give us a call today at (410)360-4242 ext ) and take your first step to #MeNoMore. The shame isn't yours so come grab your freedom today! Oh, and place the same where it belongs on those that HAVE. HAVE done these things and not made them right.

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